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Thanks Stackpath

As a web designer I have 45 clients and host 35 of their websites on my VPS. I was planning to move all of them to CDNs this month after testing it out on our main domain ( It was a miserable failure. My website is still down and I am hiring someone from fucking FIVR to sort it out for me.

STACKPATH customer service failed spectacularly. If I was trying to get help for one of my client’s websites tonight, I would have lost a customer. We host our city’s website and the community art center, we cannot afford this to happen.

I will be closing my stackpath account and going with cloudflare.

Maybe we aren’t the type of customer that you want to attract … I certainly hope not. Because I will never do business with your company again, and it’s not just my business you’ll miss … it’s everyone I speak to for the rest of my career as a web designer.

Your customer service left me out to dry. For the future … when a customer begs for help and tells you their main website is down … SENDING THEM A FUCKING LINK IS NOT HELPING THEM.

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